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Eo Gio captures beauty of Quy Nhon

Coming to Quy Nhon, visiting Eo Gio to hear the wind whispering through mountain walls, caves and then harmonize with waves crashing onto the shore is a must.

You can also admire rock cliffs shaped like they are trying to hold the ocean and to view a rookery of albatrosses hovering in the sky.

Eo Gio is an arc-shaped strait in Hung Luong Hamlet, Nhon Ly peninsula commune, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province. People call it Eo Gio (Wind’s waist) as seen from above, Eo Gio looks like a funnel with two rock ranges holding a sea corner.

In the past, it wasn’t easy for visitors coming to Eo Gio as they needed to take a motorbike to Ham Tu Wharf then cross over to Thi Nai Lagoon for the numerous deserted sand dunes. However, now tourists just make a 20-kilometer motorbike trip over Thi Nai Bridge to Nhon Ly Commune.

The route to Eo Gio is also stunning and primitive. On the bridge, tourists can take a panoramic view of Thi Nai Lagoon and the peaceful Quy Nhon City. Along the street are deserted white sand dunes which are littered with polar tree lines.

Eo Gio is beautiful in its own way with its rock cliffs in varied shapes running to the sea. The mountain holds the sea, the sea plays around the mountain, waves crash onto the shore with the sound of love songs, in the distance studded with boats and birds twittering on the sky. Seen from above, Eo Gio looks very attractive, wild and primitive.

The splendid landscapes will release all your tiredness after a long trip. As one of the most famous destinations in Quy Nhon, Eo Gio still keeps its untouched beauty.

Trekking over the peak of rock cliffs, tourists will be served a natural music show by winds through stone slits in harmony with the sounds of waves and twittering of birds.

Then walking along the rock beach, you will discover many small caves and stalactites. Amidst the rock is a stream like a silk strip falling over the rock. (Source: SGT)

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